Published Papers (English Papers Only)

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AVENUE (an Advanced & Visual Evaluator for road Networks in Urban arEas)

SOUND (Simulation On Urban road Networks with Dynamic route choice)

Verification and Validation of Traffic Simulation Models

Online Traffic Simulation

Adaptive Cruise Control / Vehicle Platooning / Automation Drives

  • R. Horiguchi and T. Oguchi:A Study on Car Following Models Simulating Various Adaptive Cruise Control Behaviors, International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research, January 2014. (DOI) 10.1007/s13177-013-0077-5
  • S. Smith, S. Innamaa, Y. Barnard, H. Gellerman, R. Horiguchi, H. Rakoff: Where will Automated Vehicles take us? A Framework for Impact Assessment, Presented at the Automated Vehicle Symposium 2017 (poster).

Applications of Traffic Simulation Models

Advanced Traffic Survey

ATIS and Probe Information

Signal Control

Environmental Assessment Technology

  • K. Tsukui, H. Hanabusa, H. Oneyama, Y. Oshino and M. Kuwahara:CO2 and Noise Evaluation Model Linked with Traffic Simulation for a Citywide Area, International Journal of ITS Research, Vol. 7, No. 1, June 2009.
  • 2. G. Qian, E. Chung and R. Horiguchi:Assessing Eco-driving Performance of a Traffic Platoon at Urban Intersections: An Experimental Study, OPTIMUM2013 – International Symposium on Recent Advances in Transport Modelling, Kingscliff, NSW, Australia, 21-23 April, 2013.
  • 3. M. Kuwahara, R. Horiguchi, S. Hayashi and S. Tanaka: Development of an Assessment Tool of the Effects of ITS on CO2 Emissions, International Journal of Intelligent Transport Systems Research, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 129-140, September 2013. (DOI)10.1007/s13177-013-0063-y
  • 4. K. Ikeuchi T. Oguchi, M. Kuwahara, S. Ono, S. Kamijo, T. Oishi, K. Koide, R. Horiguchi, H. Hanabusa, M. Iijima, M. Yoshimura, Y. Kameda, K. Mori, A. Tanaka, T. Matsunuma, H. Goto, M. Hasegawa, S. Suda, S. Sasaki, S. Yorozu, H. Ichikawa, A. Mitsuyasu, Y. Tamura, D. Oshima, H. Yamashita, M. Sasaki: 8% Reduction of CO2 Emission by Raising Awareness of Citizens: Development and Evaluation of Regional Transport Information System for Promoting Eco-Friendly Travel Behavior, 22nd ITS World Congress, Bordeaux, 5–9 October 2015.
  • G. Qian,E. Chung and R. Horiguchi: An experiment study on eco-driving style acceleration during queue discharge at urban signalised intersections, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, UJST-2018-0175.