AVENUE Ver.5, a traffic simulator for urban road networks.

an Avdanced & Visual Evaluator for road Networks in Urban arEas

AVENUE is a traffic simulator to evaluate the impacts of urban developments and the effect of various traffic management schemes on city-scale road networks, such as traffic signal control, lane use regulations, dynamic route guidance, etc.

Fig. Running simulation with 3-D animation
What’s AVENUE?

The fundamentals of AVENUE lie on well-established traffic engineering theories and its validation results are disclosed to the public through the Clearing House of Traffic Simulation (only Japanese Page) operated by the Japan Society of Traffic Engineers. From the beginning of its development in early 1990s, AVENUE has been used in practice for many studies as well as for the cutting-edge researches, because of its easy operation and the flexibility of customization.

Graphic User Interface for smooth and easy operations

The graphic user interface supports users’ smooth and easy operations through tree interactive modes. The layered editor mode provides the interactive capability to build up road networks, traffic signal settings, O-D flow demands, background images, etc.

Fig. Setting Centroid                Fig. Setting signal control
Fig. Project management
Interactive animation

The calculation mode runs simulation with 2-D/3-D* interactive animation, or executes parallel runs for multiple cases without animation. The project administration mode maintains the consistency over the data layers which are shared or are depended among the multiple cases within a project.


To build up 3-D background objects, you need any other commercial software which can export the 3-D object shapes in the ‘OBJ’ format.

Data import and export

For the quick building of the road networks and the background images for a wide area, AVENUE can import the digital map data available in the market*. The other necessary data can be also imported with the text file. The basic simulation results such as the link based vehicle counts and travel speeds or the travelling vehicle information are exported in the CSV format.


Fig. After inporting DRM data

* Available format: DRM and ADF (products of Sumitomo Electric System Solutions Co., Ltd.), MRD and MDX (Shobunsha Publications, Inc.)

Order made customization (Option)

The object-oriented design of AVENUE’s framework provides flexible customization capability. Since the users’ needs for traffic simulation widely ranges, we offer the customization service to provide APIs enabling the intervention in the simulation process, overriding the simulation settings, extending import and export capabilities, etc.