i-Transport Lab. (ITL) is a venture company in the traffic and transport engineering. ITL was established in 2000 funded by university professors, aiming to bridge the academic research fruits to the market. The main products of ITL are traffic simulation and data processing software tools. Developing a new horizon of traffic simulation technology is our main focus. The recent development on the real-time solution of traffic simulation was successfully adopted as a traffic prediction engine in the control center of highway companies and police agency in Japan.


Apr. 12th 2019
Referencesare update.
Dec. 2th 2016
Tokyo Metropolitan Network Simulation Demo isuploaded.
Jul. 18th 2014
English site is available.
Jun. 10th 2013

Tokyo Metropolitan Network Simulation

You can watch a video of the Tokyo metropolitan network simulation using "SOUND", a traffic simulator for wide area road networks.

Traffic Scope in Tokyo


The Traffic Scope is mesh-wised area traffic information which visualizes traffic fluidity and highlights anomalous congestions caused by big incidents, abnormal weather, suspension of railway service, etc. based on real-time floating car data. The Traffic Scope may help people to comprehend the structure of urban traffic congestions through mass media such as TV broadcasting, likewise for the rainfall map in weather forecast, and to encourage their travel behavior changes for more eco-conscious ways.